Are Trees for Photographers like Chairs for Architects?

Oak With A View
Oak With A View by I Nancy, on Flickr

Have you ever noticed that most famous architects have a chair (or two)?

Charles and Ray Eames made a name for themselves with the Lounge Chair they designed for the Herman Miller company

Frank Loyd Wright has his share.

Here’s a link which lists 15 architects and 15 chairs, and another expose Chairs by Famous Architects. Here is a  Chair Design blog in Dutch. Why look, there is even a call for A New Designer Manifesto: Stop Designing Chairs!

Why chairs? Is it the simplicity, the utility, the elegance?

Why do photographers photograph trees? For me it is the simplicy, the accessibility, and the elegance. Whether a great Oak seen here or bramble. If there is beautiful late day light, back light, or just nice soft light, I’m clicking away.

Enjoy this Oak with  A View, taken on a hill top 3000 feet above the Pacific Ocean.

2 thoughts on “Are Trees for Photographers like Chairs for Architects?

  1. Morton Goldberg December 26, 2011 / 7:21 am

    Andreas Feininger did a whole book on trees. He was a famous photographer back in the middle of last century, best known for his work that appeared in Life magazine.

    I like to photograph trees, too — mainly for the reason’s you’ve stated

  2. Lotus Light January 15, 2012 / 8:03 pm

    Trees often symbolise strength and endurance for me, so I love to take old tree images, or tiny new growth on old bark.

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