Yucca Abstraction

Yucca Bloom
Yucca Bloom by I Nancy, on Flickr

Each week, I change the wallpaper on my work computer with a recent image. The purpose of this exercise is to evaluate any recent image to see if it has holding power for me. Can I stand to look at this image for the whole week? The process is simple. On Monday morning, I surf on over to my flickr account, pick one of the images I processed and posted during the last week, view all sizes at the largest resolution (usually 1024 on the longest side) and “Set as Desktop Background”. My work computer is not a very ideal place to look at images. It is not calibrated, not in good lighting, and is often projected through a business-purposed projector for meetings which reduces the resolution dramatically.  There are images that I have taken down after a day, many where I notice a flaw (or two) that often can either be adjusted in post or convince me that the image is not up to snuff for any serious showing, and a few rare images that I don’t want to ever take down.

This is one of those rare images that I’ve been staring at for almost 2 weeks and it hasn’t lost its luster in my eyes. It is calming, simple, and complex all at the same time. I have grown fond of the white-on-white look and when I can find this in nature, I like to take full advantage. As I worked the plant, I noticed that in certain angles, you could see just one little, yellow, stamen peeking out from surrounding white petals. I liked this peek-a-boo act and the depth it added to the image. Playing with super shallow depth of field, I knew that this had to be the focus point, at it had to be in focus. I placed it in a powerful spot in the image and adjusted the angle to provide pleasing patterns. Even at f/7.1 the depth of field was pretty shallow given my distance to the flower (right up to it) and the distances between the layers of pedals. The bits of purple and green in the image come from areas of the stem showing in between pedals and I liked the contrast and contours they create.

I knew this year, that I wanted to get some interesting images of the local Yucca blooms. they bloom in a big stalk right out of the middle of a set of pointy spears. After the bloom they turn to these big seed pods. I have been concentrating over the past year on really working my subjects. Taking images at different scales and different angles. Here you can see a couple of the other images from this years season of yuccas blooms. These other images are beautiful and capture details in the blooms that most people never take the time notice. However they are not mysterious enough for me. Before the summer is out, I will also take a try at the seedpods.

Yucca Bloom
Yucca Bloom by I Nancy, on Flickr

Yucca Bloom
Yucca Bloom by I Nancy, on Flickr

All my Yucca images

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