Sea Stripes

Sea Stripes - B&W
Sea Stripes – B&W by I Nancy, on Flickr

There are color people and there are black and white people. My husband is a color person. Over 90% of the time if I ask him “which do you like better, the color version or the B&W version?” he answers to the color. Myself, I am a B&W person relating to the simplicity of form and tones. Here is a post for both camps as I am truly at odds with myself about which I prefer.

The B&W is so dramatic with the srtips of dark and light, allowing emphasis of the changes in texture and contrast between the “sea” (well it is really the Pacific ocean, but I could not pass up the alliteration in “Sea Stripes”). The color, on the other hand also emphasizes the difference wtith both texture and color. Also the cool blue against the warm yellows and oranges are always a pleasing color palate.

I supposed there is another thing to be said about these two images – they are a continuation down my journey of abstract nature photography. More and more of what I’ve been shooting works more in abstraction than documentation. Wait until I start posting my images from the sand dunes at Oceana.

Sea Stripes - Color
Sea Stripes – Color by I Nancy, on Flickr

This image was taken facing roughly north-west from the beach on the east side of the Morrow Bay rock. This was the most dramatic sunset we had the entire trip – alas.

3 thoughts on “Sea Stripes

  1. -N- May 9, 2011 / 11:41 am

    I usually prefer B&W myself for many reasons, but like the color version of these two images a bit more. The reason is that the subtle tones – at leas in my monitor – of the blues in the water are more evident. If the B&W version were a bit less contrasty, I think it would be more interesting to me as well. Both, though, are quite nice, but perhaps for slightly different reasons when in color or B&W.

  2. Mark Garbowski May 9, 2011 / 12:35 pm

    I guess I’m a black and white person, because this isn’t even close for me. Nothing wrong with the color version, but the black and white is outstanding.

  3. Morton Goldberg May 14, 2011 / 3:04 pm

    On the whole I think your B&W images are superb, but this time I vote for the color one. I suppose the B&W is more abstract in the sense that is flatter and less dramatic, but the color dynamics in the color version are just too good to be thrown away.

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