Bryce Canyon – Close Up

Bryce Canyon Pillars

I really didn’t think I had anything to show from the Utah Trekker’s short (too short, way too short) stop at Bryce Canyon, however looking back I found these.

We arrived in Bryce the afternoon the day before. We scouted out a few areas and had read about Sunset and Sunrise point. We took our images at Sunset point the evening we arrived but the clouds were not behaving. Although you want some interest in the sky, our clouds served only the diffuse the sun hitting the rock.

The next morning we tried our luck at Inspiration Point. It is a beautiful view (my previous post). The sun came in and out of the clouds and, as you see, we were greeted with some nice moments. After I’d finished with the panoramas I thought I’d experiment with some telephoto shots. these three pillars are the main feature at this location. I took images in landscape and portrait mode.

Bryce Pillars

The rock formations looked like big teeth on this shot.

Bryce Canyon Morning


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