1000 Foot Drop

1000 Foot Drop
1000 Foot Drop by I Nancy, on Flickr

Have you seen enough red? I should have taken a picture of all of the red sand in my shoes. We had a joke on our trek: “Oh goodie, more sand”.

Horseshoe Bend is just south of Page Arizona and the Glen Canyon Damn which forms Lake Powell. With a parking lot just off the highway, it is easy enough to get to. However, you do have a short 1/2 mile walk to the edge up and over a hill through, you guessed it, sand. The skys were somewhat overcast creating an evening of evenly diffuse light as the sun began to set over the distant ridge. The flat lighting actually made this a perfect opportunity for some black and white. I think the foam on the edges of the Colorado and the ledges jutting into the scene are what I like most about how this turned out.

This is my take on Horseshoe Bend. If you get to this corner of the Utah / Arizona border, you should get yours too.

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