Fair Nights Noir

Fair Foods
Fair Foods by I Nancy, on Flickr

This is a short series of the Ventura County Fair in B&W. I visited the fair twice this year. The first visit was primarily intended as a night to look over the Photography exhibit and to see how I did (2 – 1sts, 1 – 2nd, and 2 Honorable Mentions – thank you). I spent some time that night also shooting but had a very limited amount of time. I wrote up one shot from that first night a few posts ago.

The first round of shooting got my juices flowing for the use of light, color, and the wonderful vendors. This prompted me to set up a second night coordinated with a bunch of my photo friends. I knew I wanted to get more of the vendor booths. Little, outrageous, gems of architecture. Glowing with lights and serving up fabulously bad food. I wanted to catch their quirky characteristics. I was thinking about more HDR set with a low, wide angle. I shot the night away.

When I got home, I was surprised that I was not as happy with these images as I would have liked. Even with the combination of the color and the exaggerated angle they seemed boring. I was disappointed. As a few days went by and I couldn’t let these images go. Something inspired me to test these images out in B&W instead of the HDR I had planned. Voila! They came to life.

I think I need a photography psychologist to help me unravel this one. My list of things to portray as I shot centered around the lights and the color. Subconsciously I was pushing the envelope on angle and view and I guess it is the angle and view, with the color subdued, that really brought out the feeling I was after. What do you know?

I hope you enjoy this excursion to the strange and odd food venues of the summer fair.

My Dogs are the Best
My Dogs are the Best by I Nancy, on Flickr

Summer Fair Night
Summer Fair Night by I Nancy, on Flickr

Rainbow Candy
Rainbow Candy by I Nancy, on Flickr

3 thoughts on “Fair Nights Noir

  1. KimHindsPhotography August 26, 2010 / 7:52 pm

    These are such great shots! I love the black and white, they really show off your subjects. Wow. You have inspired me to go the next fair that comes to town!

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