Whale of a Tale

What in incredible day I had on Santa Cruz Island Saturday. Leaving the house at the crack of dawn we arrived at Island Packers in Ventura Harbor to join 125 other passengers on the hour boat ride out to the island. There were campers, kyakers, day hikers, and photographers (not necessarily mutually exclusive). On the way to the island we stopped twice as we spotted some humpback whales near the boat. We saw a few tail flips and a lot of back arches. As we were pulling away, however, one just jumped out of the sea and did a back flip. It is burned in my memory but alas not on my memory card.

After a day of hiking, the sleepy spell of the morning was replaced by a boat load of exhaustion. However this did not dampen our enthusiasm when again we stopped not once, but twice, to observe humpbacks near the boat. On one particular pass, with the sun at our back, one humpback gave us a few opportunities to observe their tail fling into the air as they dove for their dinner. With exposure set and shutter set to multi-shot, I was able to capture this wonderful sequence. Now all I need is a large roll of paper to print it on.

Go see the Slide Show










One thought on “Whale of a Tale

  1. Leigh Lopez March 21, 2010 / 6:42 pm

    Very cool. I can not wait for all you shots from the day as well.

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