Practice: A little HDR, A little high-key


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Another outing with the Thousand Oaks Digital Photo Group, this time to LA’s Farmer’s Market and The Grove on the corner of Fairfax and 3rd. The Farmer’s Market is no longer a Farmer’s Market but rather an historic set of buildings with food vendors. Right adjacent was built The Grove, an outdoor upscale mall. Wandering around had the allure of being an interesting palate was was also sort of a photographers nightmare. Aside from the unshaded florescents and window glare, taking pictures of people in captive places is always a hit or miss proposition. Will they let you? Once you ask them will they continue to be relaxed and continue to go about their business? What are the ethics of taking street portraits with a 300mm lens unnoticed? (Not my style – actually).

But the day wasn’t a loss. I think about photography much like I did my music and you have to “practice, man, practice”. So I thought of the day as practice, and practice I  did.

These two images were the result of that practice. At the end of the Grove is a clothier – Abercrombie & Fitch. They specialize is upscale downscale clothing just like the clothing you see being worn by this model in the doorway. I was walking around with two lenses – 17-40mm f/4 and 50mm f/1.4. These two were taken with the wide angle. It was kind of bright and glaring outside and she was standing in the shade of the doorway. I figured there were two possible approaches – HDR or high-key exposed for the doorway.

Here I show you one of each.

(BTW, not sure if you can see on these web-versions, but the detail captured by the 5dMkII is unbelievable)

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