Night into Day

Ghosts on the Pier
Exposure: 2 sec (2), Aperture: f/4.5, Focal Length: 42 mm, ISO Speed: 100

Exit - Additional Parking
Exposure: 20 sec (20), Aperture: f/9, Focal Length: 24 mm, ISO Speed: 100

I got an assignment to turn night into day. In the few previous night photos that I have taken, I have intentially worked the exposure to keep the appropriate dark tones avoiding clipping any bright lights. In these images, the intent was to expose long enough to bring out all the fill details.

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In the space of about an hour, I took about six different setups all within a small area on and around the Santa Monica Pier. When all was said and done, I think I achieved both the technical and artistic merit on the two images above. In the spirit of full disclosure, here are three other shots which technically worked well, but artistically I’m not thrilled with. Each has some merit and something to learn from.

This shot of the Buba Gump Shrimp restaurant is particularly disappointing to me. I like how I was able to technically grab the textures in the side of the building, however the composition of the shot just doesn’t seem to make it.

Buba Gump
Exposure: 5 sec (5), Aperture: f/5, Focal Length: 35 mm, ISO Speed: 100

Interesting sky, great textures on the sand, nice sweeping diagonal, but it is a little too blown and blurry looking.

A Night at the Beach
Exposure: 42 sec (42), Aperture: f/4, Focal Length: 28 mm, ISO Speed: 100

My husband’s favorite but not mine. I was working to get those teens hanging out on the beach. Ultimately I don’t think the balance works. Maybe a panoramic crop can save this because there is some pretty nice lighting. I think it might be better if I had just the one girl with the pink sweatshirt.

All That Glitters
Exposure: 13 sec (13), Aperture: f/11, Focal Length: 70 mm, ISO Speed: 100

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