Dad and Mom Visit the Untitled (Gallery)

In Thought

Dad captured on the LG Shine 2MP Camera Phone


Mom captured on the G9

This weekend I took my parents down to the Untitled (Gallery) and we spent about a 1/2 hour talking with the owner Matt Chait, who again proved himself a very gracious host. I brought with my both the camphone and the G9, still experimenting with trying to make the G9 interchangeable with cam-phone for comp and spontaneity. Turns out I got two photos I am pleased with. One of my Dad and one of my Mom. One with the cam-phone and one with G9.

Looking at the two images in close proximity like this, you see the obvious tonal differences between the two cameras. The G9’s ability to capture light to digital so much better than the cam-phone preserving color and white-balance. I decided some time ago, that it was not successful to try to make the cam-phone images look like they came off a more capable camera. Instead, I decided that the best approach was to exaggerate its best quirks in some way – usually by opening up the colors.

Quite the opposite with the G9, where I instead try to correct its aberrations which mostly show up as barrel distortion, blown highlights and noise. The rest is just subtle adjustments to take advantage of the full spectrum of tonal qualities no different than with my dSLR.

Here is Dad’s original straight from the cam-phone: dark, too green, and the mid-tones all compressed.


I started with the Auto White Balance settings and adjusted by eye from there. I like my images a little warm, and for the phone images, I like to add a leaning toward the magenta too. The remaining adjustments are also by eye. My goal is to open up the mid-tones without washing out the image. The Fill Light Basic adjustment and the Lights and Darks adjustment in the Tone Curve will help achieve this. Once the mid-tones are expanded, I compensate by either bringing up the Blacks adjustment or the Shadows in the Tone Curve. In this case, I used the Shadows Tone Curve adjustment because it was a little more subtle.

These are my final settings to achieve the final result.

DadBasicSettings.jpg DadToneCurveSettings.jpg

Mom’s was much more about simple adjustments to the tonal range of the image to bring out some depth of color and contrast. I also added a nice 2/3rds crop.


Mom’s original

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