The Gallery Opening That Didn’t

There were some issues with the opening of this gallery. They guy turned out to be a flake. There is a long and sordid story but the good news it that I did get to show these photos at the real Untitled (Gallery) later in September.

Opening Reception August 23 at 8:00pm

5472 Wilshire Blvd.

I have been invited to hang 3 photos at a new gallery in the Miracle Mile area. I decided on three images from my Los Angeles, Yesterday’s Places Today set. They will be cropped 11×14 and mounted in 16×20 mats.

For Play on Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood Lingerie
Broadway - Historic LA Theatre District
South Broadway, Los Angeles Yesterday Today
First National Bldg, 1927
Asics Wrap - First National Bank, 1928

And I will have one additional image in the back (ok, I couldn’t decide)

Carousel - Santa Monica Pier
Carousel Lights

The first part is choosing the images you want to show. Agonizing.
The second part is choosing the printer. 
The third part is understanding how to mount, mat, and display.
The fourth part is deciding how to sign and number.
The rest was easy.

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