A Slice of Family

A Slice of Family, originally uploaded by Introducing Nancy.

I thought for sure my next blog post would be a photo from a recent visit to Chinatown which I have been working on for a week or so now. But NO! This amazing accident happened at dinner last night.

My brother Jeff and his wonderful family (Nanci, Aliya, and Sam) are in town for a few days and coincidentally it was also my parents 58th wedding anniversary on July 9th. We decided to take our parents out to dinner and since it was both an occasion and a family visit, the cameras were flying.

While Sam was setting up this shot of his parents, I thought I’d piggy back on the scene and the most serendipitous thing happened. My cam-phone exposure occurred at precisely the same instant as the flash went off on the other camera. This created this great off-camera flash effect. But, when I got home and started processing it, I noticed that I also ended up with an oddly 3-banded image – I’m guessing a flash-synch artifact. I cropped out the middle band and had this remembrance.

Accidental photography for sure!

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