Conflicted – new 2 MP Camera Phone

So what do you do with a 2 mega-pixel camera phone? Portraits! I think. You don’t have much quality to work with, so you have to go for expression. You be the judge. Camera Phone Portrait Set on flickr.

Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D) 8MP body with Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM: total cost of gear around $1700.
Working on the Railroad

LG KE Shine with 2MP auto focus camera and Schneider Kreuznach lens: total cost of gear $99
Chick @ the model table

It started innocently enough with the need to replace an aging bottom of the line Nokia 3120b. First, I headed over to the ATT store on a Sunday evening to look at the new phones. The place was packed and most of the phones were setup up for messaging and PDA functions. I found two that fit my criteria – small, slider design, and under $100. Since the sales staff were completely busy, I had time to myself and no one stopped me when I walked out the door empty handed.

Once home, I headed to the internet to learn more and find some reviews. I landed on the CNET Top Cell Phones page. They have phones categorized as Best 5 cell phones, Best camera phones, Best basic phones, Best smartphones, Best MP3 phones, Best video phones. Hmm, I thought, now I have a way to distinguish. My first priority is making calls, but if I were to optimize one more feature what would it be?

I only had to think about one second before clicking on the Best camera phones link. Funny thing, while at the store it hadn’t even occurred to me to check if the phone even had a camera, quite frankly, being an image quality junkie, a camera phone had never crossed my mind.

New criteria – the best camera phone for under $100. Solution – The LG KE Shine which boasts a 2 mega-pixel “A Schneider Kreuznach lens and an efficient autofocus ensure this isn’t your ordinary camera phone.” With a two year subscription and $50 mail-in rebate the price just $99. Perfect.

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