The Book is Out! Los Angeles – Yesterday’s Places Today

The book is out! The Book Is Out! THE BOOK IS OUT!

Well, I’m pretty excited about my first photo essay book Los Angeles – Yesterday’s Places Today. It is available at and I am selling it at cost.

You can also buy single prints at inancy at Smugmug or see a preview of some of the images on my Flickr site.

Here is the foreward which will tell you more about the book.


Nearly a century since its beginnings, Los Angeles and its surrounding suburbs are still dotted with historic reminders of the city’s early 20th century emergence as a modern metropolis with lavish theatres and grand buildings in a variety of architectural styles ranging from Beaux-Arts to Neo-Gothic to Art-Deco. The images presented here illustrate our modern 21st century life integrated among these vestiges from the past and covers the areas of Los Angeles’ South Broadway Theatre District, Hollywood Boulevard, and Santa Monica.

While compiling this collection, I became fascinated with the political, sociological, and economic factors that spurred the growth of this pueblo outpost located nearly twenty-five-hundred miles from New York City. During the process of research and preparation, I relinquished all notions of turning this volume into a history book. The images collected here present neither a comprehensive account of the Los Angeles area nor are they presented in a documentary style. A documentary photographer would aim for a perspective-perfect architectural rendering with few human distractions. Instead, I have exploited these beautiful historic buildings as the backdrop for a glimpse into our 21st-century life and way of thinking. I have stretched the perspectives and captured the pulse of life on the street as it intermingles among these aging structures. My simple wish is to capture some poignant images of historic Los Angeles in its current 21st-century context. The majority of these images were taken over a short period during the Spring of 2008.

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