El Nuevo Fuego [The New Fire] mural

El Nuevo Fuego [The New Fire] mural. East Los Streetscapers. Acrylic on masonry, 80’x80′, 1985: Hosfield Building. 242 S. Broadway. 1914. Train and William, architects

Victor Clothing Company has many murals by several artists commissioned by Paul D. Harter, Ione F. Harter and Charles L. Fonarow. El Nuevo Fuego was the city’s first mural documenting the great moments in the 1984 Summer Olympic Games held in Los Angeles.

The title links the 52-year interval between the Olympics of 1932 and 1984, with the Aztec tradition of restoring fire to the Aztec Nation every 52 years. East Los Streetscapers was formed in 1975 by Wayne Healy and David Botello.

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