Candid Camera

Wandering around the Thousand Oaks Street Fair I did a bunch of candid street portraits. Once I got home and started reviewing them my muse decided to do them all in B&W.

My two favorites are these two kids.

Look at Me, originally uploaded by Introducing Nancy.

Counting to Three, originally uploaded by Introducing Nancy.


One Comment to “Candid Camera”

  1. What a couple of little cuties. The black and whites are so crisp. Nicely done Nancy.

    Changing the subject, a Nikon D3 camera, 14-24mm f/2.8G Nikkor lens and 24-70mm f/2.8G Nikkor lens are shipping on Monday from Washington DC. I hope to be shooting them by the end of next week. Can’t wait!!! I am extraordinarily lucky on this one Nancy. The D3 will hard to get through much of next year and I was able to get one from the first lot. You wait and see, folks will be screaming at Nikon about their poor supply chain for much of next year when they cannot get one of these. The D3 will be serious competition for the highend Canon DSLRs, it’s about time that Nikon start competing again. Expect a 20MP+ Nikon D3x next year at Photokina – it will finally be a horserace between Nikon and Canon then.

    ps – Very nice blog. I really like the way you organized it. Very professional and looks great. Talk at you soon. Also, thanks for the comments on my blog, very kind of you.

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